...finally, help with messy mealtimes!

As a toddler, my oldest daughter loved to put her gooey, sticky hands in her hair at every meal. The only way to get the food out of her hair was to bathe her, which was sometimes difficult to do, since her little sister was a newborn at the time. Then one day during an incredibly messy lunch, I spotted her winter hat nearby and put it on her head. It worked like a charm, no messy hair, and she didn't mind having it on! I searched the internet looking for hair bibs for babies and toddlers, and was astonished when I couldn't find anything. So I developed my own, finding a comfy, waterproof fabric that could be wiped off or thrown in the washer. The Crumb Cap was born, out of necessity.

My youngest also wore the Crumb Cap, when she started solid foods, and it gave her the confidence to self-feed, and as a busy mom of three, I didn't have to worry about sticky, gooey hair. The Crumb Cap helped us through our messy mealtimes, and will surely help with yours too!


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